Proudly Celebrating
20 Years

providing high quality precision moulds
from Hong Kong & China

Services & Products

We undertake the whole process of supplying injection mould tools and gauges from the Far East, removing all risk and worry from the Customer. Our Customer support continues throughout the tool’s production life because we understand the demands that are placed on busy moulding companies.

Request for quotation (RFQ)

  • Understand the Customer’s needs and select the most suitable toolmaker from our range of approved partners.
  • Submit confirmed quotation with clear explanation of tool concept.
  • Full confidentiality assured with use of Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA’s).

Design for Manufacture (DFM)

  • Ensures part and tool design are optimised before tool General Arrangement (GA) is started.
  • Analytical tools such as Moldflow are used to predict part quality.
  • Full GA sign off procedure ensures tool is to Customer’s specification. HCM standards are available if the customer prefers.


  • Prototype parts can be supplied using 3-D printing or low volume tooling to approve the customer design.

Project Management

  • Full control of customer data and Tool Go CAD before tool manufacture is started.
  • Weekly progress reports with photographs ensure that tools are completed on time.
  • Regular visits by our UK, European and Chinese engineers throughout mould build and tool trials confirms the tool quality before despatch to the customer.

Tool Trial and Approval

  • Trial samples and full component measurement reports.
  • Full process development and report.
  • 3-D scan of the part can be supplied to compare against the master CAD model to confirm correct part geometry.

Jigs and Fixtures

  • All types of gauge can be supplied from a simple holding fixture through to a full attribute gauge.

Tool Delivery

  • Choice of sea, airfreight or train with all insurances and duties paid. Typical “door to door” times are 26 days by sea and 5 days by air.
  • Tools are vacuum packed in protective packaging and are ready for use when they arrive at the customer.
  • Each tool is supplied with a comprehensive information pack.

Industries Supported

All sections of the plastics industry are well covered with many of our customers frequently placing repeat orders and developing good working relationships. Injection moulding, vertical insert, as well as prototype tools can be produced covering a vast range of sizes and tailored to fit specific machines.

Teletronics and Business Machine
Medical and Personal Safety
Engineering and Electrial Components

We have supplied tooling to the suppliers of the following OEM’s

Guaranteed Satisfaction

  • Tools are guaranteed against breakdown for a period of 12 months except where failure is caused by poor maintenance, misuse and accidental damage.
  • Full engineering support is given to ensure that the tooling performs correctly.
  • Hot runner and Hydraulic components are covered by the manufacturers warranty.